probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania


Tree: Jones Tree

Town : Latitude: 40.434435, Longitude: -80.02488


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bagaley, Caroline  Abt 1865probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5653 Jones Tree 
2 Bagaley, Emma Virginia  Abt 1906probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5730 Jones Tree 
3 Bagaley, Eva Deere  10 Nov 1908probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5732 Jones Tree 
4 Bagaley, George Pearson  17 Jun 1900probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5734 Jones Tree 
5 Bagaley, Mahala Shoemaker  2 Mar 1898probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5735 Jones Tree 
6 Bagaley, Ralph William  Abt 1863probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5658 Jones Tree 
7 Bagaley, Richard Pearson  Abt 1871probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5659 Jones Tree 
8 Bagaley, Richard Theodore  7 Feb 1914probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5728 Jones Tree 
9 Bagaley, Robert Fulton  17 Nov 1916probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5729 Jones Tree 
10 Bagaley, Sarah Blanche  Abt 1861probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5656 Jones Tree 
11 Bagaley, William Warren  31 Oct 1902probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5733 Jones Tree 
12 Pearson, Alice Louise  27 Apr 1894probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4454 Jones Tree 
13 Pearson, Caroline Wright  Abt 1837probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5644 Jones Tree 
14 Pearson, Durbin Richardson  11 Aug 1908probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4458 Jones Tree 
15 Pearson, Frederick Rogers  Abt 1844probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5646 Jones Tree 
16 Pearson, George Cooper  Abt 1852probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5648 Jones Tree 
17 Pearson, Gertrude Virginia  Aft 1900probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4452 Jones Tree 
18 Pearson, Harriet Anna  Abt 1853probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5649 Jones Tree 
19 Pearson, Harry Wilbur  Sep 1862probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4004 Jones Tree 
20 Pearson, John Rogers  Abt 1849probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5647 Jones Tree 
21 Pearson, Joseph Barclay  Dec 1866probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4005 Jones Tree 
22 Pearson, Joseph Barclay Jr.  Abt 1904probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4453 Jones Tree 
23 Pearson, Joseph Rogers  Abt 1840probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5643 Jones Tree 
24 Pearson, Margaret Musgrave  16 Jan 1906probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4456 Jones Tree 
25 Pearson, Marion Swan  Abt 1861probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5651 Jones Tree 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (-----), Sarah  1891probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4266 Jones Tree 
2 Bailiff, Birdie  1889probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5661 Jones Tree 
3 Bailiff, Joseph  4 Apr 1883probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5660 Jones Tree 
4 Foster, David Alexander  5 Jan 1908probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I6082 Jones Tree 
5 Foster, Elizabeth Ross  1 Jan 1899probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4431 Jones Tree 
6 Pearson, Alfred M.  Aft 1920probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4002 Jones Tree 
7 Pearson, Caroline Wright  1902probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I5644 Jones Tree 
8 Pearson, Edwin S.  Abt Mar 1894probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4003 Jones Tree 
9 Pearson, George Rogers  1922probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I3554 Jones Tree 
10 Pearson, George Rogers Jr.  16 May 1936probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4423 Jones Tree 
11 Pearson, Gertrude Virginia  Bef 1910probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4452 Jones Tree 
12 Pearson, Harriet W.  1856probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4448 Jones Tree 
13 Pearson, Harry Wilbur  Aft 1920probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4004 Jones Tree 
14 Pearson, Infant  Abt 2 Jan 1871probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I3859 Jones Tree 
15 Pearson, John  Bef 24 Apr 1853probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I3856 Jones Tree 
16 Pearson, Joseph  16 Apr 1866probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I97 Jones Tree 
17 Pearson, Mary Bartram  1910probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4420 Jones Tree 
18 Pearson, Mary E. or F.  Abt 5 Sep 1867probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I3858 Jones Tree 
19 Pearson, Mary Florence  1863probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4418 Jones Tree 
20 Pearson, Richard A.  1884probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4265 Jones Tree 
21 Pearson, William Collins  1904probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I4417 Jones Tree 
22 Rogers, Harriet  28 Jan 1823probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania I3855 Jones Tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bollman / (-----)  Abt 1919probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania F2736 Jones Tree 
2 Brown / Bollman  Abt 1889probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania F1325 Jones Tree 
3 Brown / O'Brien  Abt 1905probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania F1567 Jones Tree 
4 Pearson / M.?  Abt 1921probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania F3041 Jones Tree 
5 Pearson / O'Brien  Abt 1895probably Allegheny County, Pennsylvania F1566 Jones Tree 

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