New York


Tree: Jones Tree

Township : Latitude: 43.0367758, Longitude: -75.871582


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (-----), (-----)  New York I6899 Jones Tree 
2 (-----), (-----)  New York I5596 Jones Tree 
3 (-----), A.R.   I2689 Jones Tree 
4 (-----), Caroline  Abt 1805New York I3886 Jones Tree 
5 (-----), Cleantha  Abt 1834New York I8200 Jones Tree 
6 (-----), Elizabeth  Sep 1862New York I6493 Jones Tree 
7 (-----), Elizabeth  Oct 1876New York I6607 Jones Tree 
8 (-----), Elvira  Abt 1853New York I2131 Jones Tree 
9 (-----), Henrietta  Abt 1864New York I7592 Jones Tree 
10 (-----), Katherine  Abt 1865New York I7554 Jones Tree 
11 (-----), Leona  13 Oct 1903New York I6504 Jones Tree 
12 (-----), Lucinda  Abt 1791New York I8314 Jones Tree 
13 (-----), Lydia  Abt 1813New York I2212 Jones Tree 
14 (-----), Mary  Abt 1844New York I1213 Jones Tree 
15 (-----), Polly  Abt 1800New York I6598 Jones Tree 
16 (-----), Sarah  Abt 1796New York I4276 Jones Tree 
17 A.?, Francis  17 Aug 1881New York I6909 Jones Tree 
18 A.?, Mary  Abt 1818New York I7400 Jones Tree 
19 A.? Field?, Mabel  Jun 1873New York I2698 Jones Tree 
20 Abbey, Charlotte  29 Jul 1794New York I1427 Jones Tree 
21 Arnold, Aaron B.  Oct 1816New York I6928 Jones Tree 
22 Arnold, Albertus C. or G.  Jul 1866New York I6933 Jones Tree 
23 Arnold, Alice C.  1853New York I6613 Jones Tree 
24 Arnold, Chauncey N.  Jan 1842New York I6931 Jones Tree 
25 Arnold, Nettie  Jan 1870New York I6935 Jones Tree 
26 Arnold, Newell Charles  1839New York I6904 Jones Tree 
27 Arnold, Walter Elwood  21 Jun 1875New York I6934 Jones Tree 
28 Ash, Homer Mitchell  9 May 1903New York I6915 Jones Tree 
29 B.?, Eugenia  Abt 1886New York I7392 Jones Tree 
30 B.?, Winifred  Mar 1866New York I6938 Jones Tree 
31 Baker, Mary Ann  4 Mar 1839New York I1947 Jones Tree 
32 Barber, Ella L.  Jul 1858New York I6946 Jones Tree 
33 Barone, Mary Teresa  Abt 1892New York I7162 Jones Tree 
34 Barone, Peter  Abt 1890New York I7199 Jones Tree 
35 Belote, Achsah  3 Mar 1812New York I5552 Jones Tree 
36 Bennett, Demott S.  Abt 1838New York I9642 Jones Tree 
37 Bennett, John Calvin  Jan 1837New York I1948 Jones Tree 
38 Blanchard, Herbert D.  Aug 1848New York I4504 Jones Tree 
39 Borzilleri, Anthony  Dec 1893New York I2807 Jones Tree 
40 Borzilleri, Charles R.  21 Jul 1912New York I6483 Jones Tree 
41 Borzilleri, Eleanor J.  Abt 1904New York I6480 Jones Tree 
42 Borzilleri, Florence  Abt 1906New York I6481 Jones Tree 
43 Borzilleri, James R.  30 Nov 1907New York I6482 Jones Tree 
44 Borzilleri, Joseph  Jan 1892New York I2806 Jones Tree 
45 Borzilleri, Marian Ann  Apr 1887New York I3921 Jones Tree 
46 Borzilleri, Peter  Oct 1896New York I2808 Jones Tree 
47 Breen, Audrey Weekes  19 Dec 1927New York I4475 Jones Tree 
48 Brink, Maria  New York I1423 Jones Tree 
49 Brooks, Doris  9 Dec 1914New York I7869 Jones Tree 
50 Brooks, Ernest Edwin  17 Jul 1916New York I7870 Jones Tree 
51 Brooks, F.A.   I7876 Jones Tree 
52 Brooks, Irving  9 Dec 1912New York I3295 Jones Tree 
53 Brooks, Iva Mae  16 Jan 1920New York I7873 Jones Tree 
54 Brooks, Leman Van  22 May 1927New York I7878 Jones Tree 
55 Brooks, LeRoy C.  27 Jun 1925New York I7875 Jones Tree 
56 Brown, Christopher  Abt 1871New York I4244 Jones Tree 
57 Browning, Frances  Abt 1894New York I7220 Jones Tree 
58 Buscaglia, Anthony  2 Feb 1915New York I6487 Jones Tree 
59 Buscaglia, Carmella  1916New York I6488 Jones Tree 
60 Buscaglia, Charles M.  11 Jul 1913New York I6486 Jones Tree 
61 Buscaglia, Samuel  1917New York I6489 Jones Tree 
62 C.?, Eliza  Abt 1822New York I8099 Jones Tree 
63 C.?, Emily  Abt 1881New York I6479 Jones Tree 
64 C.?, Mable  Abt 1889New York I7882 Jones Tree 
65 Carkner, Ancie  Abt 1858New York I8201 Jones Tree 
66 Carkner, Andrew  Abt 1830New York I4280 Jones Tree 
67 Carkner, Clarissa  Abt 1865New York I8202 Jones Tree 
68 Carkner, Frederick  Abt 1792New York I4273 Jones Tree 
69 Carkner, Grace  Abt 1873New York I8204 Jones Tree 
70 Carkner, Herbert  Abt 1867New York I8203 Jones Tree 
71 Carkner, Nicholas  Abt 1824New York I4279 Jones Tree 
72 Carkner, Nora  Abt 1871New York I8205 Jones Tree 
73 Chapman, Caroline  Abt 1809New York I9648 Jones Tree 
74 Church, Frank H.  Abt 1846New York I7614 Jones Tree 
75 Clarry, Addie  Abt 1872New York I8273 Jones Tree 
76 Clarry, Bertie  Abt 1876New York I8274 Jones Tree 
77 Clarry, Charles H.  1841New York I8269 Jones Tree 
78 Clarry, Clifford F.  22 Jan 1915New York I8278 Jones Tree 
79 Clarry, Dorothy A.  Abt 1914New York I8277 Jones Tree 
80 Clarry, Edna  Nov 1887New York I8268 Jones Tree 
81 Clarry, Frank J.  Dec 1862New York I7754 Jones Tree 
82 Clarry, Freddie  Abt 1867New York I8271 Jones Tree 
83 Clarry, Mertie  Abt 1870New York I8272 Jones Tree 
84 Clarry, Nellie  Abt 1879New York I8275 Jones Tree 
85 Clarry, Wallace T.  12 Oct 1885New York I8267 Jones Tree 
86 Clarry, Walter E.  15 Oct 1918New York I8279 Jones Tree 
87 Cross, Ethan  Abt 1834New York I2382 Jones Tree 
88 Dakin, Arthur G.  1870New York I6941 Jones Tree 
89 Davis, Alice A.  1851New York I1439 Jones Tree 
90 Davis, Charles M.  Abt 1864New York I1441 Jones Tree 
91 Davis, Charles S.  Abt 1852New York I8126 Jones Tree 
92 Davis, David S.  Abt Apr 1839New York I1424 Jones Tree 
93 Davis, Estelle  Abt 1852New York I3277 Jones Tree 
94 Davis, George H.  1856New York I9659 Jones Tree 
95 Davis, Ida A.  Abt 1855New York I8127 Jones Tree 
96 Davis, Isabella W.  Abt 1857New York I8128 Jones Tree 
97 Davis, J. Y.?  Abt 1861New York I8129 Jones Tree 
98 Davis, James Marion  12 Aug 1842New York I1438 Jones Tree 
99 Davis, Dr. John  10 Apr 1760New York I151 Jones Tree 
100 Davis, Martha L.  Abt 1841New York I8199 Jones Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Volck, Captain Carolus  10 Sep 1710New York I4192 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brefka, Mark E.  6 Apr 2008New York I484 Jones Tree 
2 Dexter, Charles Francis  22 Apr 1857New York I4656 Jones Tree 
3 Dexter, James Denison  22 Mar 1857New York I4655 Jones Tree 
4 Heinrich, Ronald J.  23 Oct 2003New York I3927 Jones Tree 
5 Holt, Doris Marie  19 Jan 1923New York I9198 Jones Tree 
6 Howell, Jesse O.  Mar 1963New York I8849 Jones Tree 
7 Long, Emma Louise  Abt 13 May 1873New York I1308 Jones Tree 
8 Long, Harry  21 Apr 1874New York I8470 Jones Tree 
9 Maxson, Stewart Warren  29 Jan 1962New York I5583 Jones Tree 
10 McIntosh, Robert  New York I9379 Jones Tree 
11 Sands, Frances Virginia Cyrianna  7 Jun 1961New York I1861 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Meckel, Catharina  1710New York I4195 Jones Tree 
2 Volck, Andreas  18 Dec 1708New York I4194 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holberton, George Edward  1930New York I7550 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hitchcock, Hannah E.  New York I9373 Jones Tree 
2 Howard, Mary  1953New York I8823 Jones Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Davis / Strong  25 Dec 1861New York F605 Jones Tree 
2 Washburn / Belote  29 Jan 1832New York F2050 Jones Tree 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Holberton / Delafountain  1913New York F2805 Jones Tree 

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