Tree: Jones Tree

Township : Latitude: 37.8228024, Longitude: -78.486328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (-----), Celeste  Abt 1894Virginia I2584 Jones Tree 
2 (-----), Elizabeth  Between 1770 and 1775Virginia I120 Jones Tree 
3 (-----), Sarah  Abt 1767Virginia I6212 Jones Tree 
4 Allen, James Aubrey  25 Mar 1889Virginia I6228 Jones Tree 
5 Allen, L.B.   I6230 Jones Tree 
6 Allen, M.D.   I6229 Jones Tree 
7 Allen, N.A.   I6231 Jones Tree 
8 Atkins, Charles Brown  3 Nov 1853Virginia I2608 Jones Tree 
9 Atkins, John  Virginia I9499 Jones Tree 
10 Baird, Henry Ruffin  23 May 1898Virginia I5296 Jones Tree 
11 Baird, Mary G.  5 Oct 1894Virginia I6227 Jones Tree 
12 Baird, William F.  Feb 1850Virginia I5295 Jones Tree 
13 Barron, Charles Otis  Sep 1879Virginia I4106 Jones Tree 
14 Barron, Imogen  Abt 1833Virginia I4078 Jones Tree 
15 Barron, Commodore James  1740Virginia I4018 Jones Tree 
16 Barron, James  Abt 1845Virginia I4082 Jones Tree 
17 Barron, William Thompson  16 Aug 1854Virginia I4016 Jones Tree 
18 Barron, William Thompson Jr.  Abt 1913Virginia I4107 Jones Tree 
19 Bolling, Mary Harriet  Abt 1811Virginia I1377 Jones Tree 
20 Brumby, Isabelle Truxtun  18 Apr 1908Virginia I5294 Jones Tree 
21 Clemmons, Eliza Jane  1816Virginia I1094 Jones Tree 
22 Colley, Sarah Willoughby  Abt 1798Virginia I666 Jones Tree 
23 Debbington, Naomi  1806Virginia I1106 Jones Tree 
24 Doyle, Addey C.  Abt 1903Virginia I6205 Jones Tree 
25 Doyle, Ashton L.  Abt 1901Virginia I6204 Jones Tree 
26 Doyle, James T.  Sep 1899Virginia I6196 Jones Tree 
27 Doyle, Lee R.  Abt 1872Virginia I6194 Jones Tree 
28 Doyle, Mattie  Abt Sep 1909Virginia I6206 Jones Tree 
29 Doyle, William H.  May 1897Virginia I6195 Jones Tree 
30 Edmunds, Addie  Abt 1863Virginia I6200 Jones Tree 
31 Edmunds, Charles  Abt 1866Virginia I6201 Jones Tree 
32 Edmunds, George  Feb 1870Virginia I6202 Jones Tree 
33 Edmunds, Harriet  Abt 1818Virginia I6213 Jones Tree 
34 Edmunds, Ida Bland  Feb 1868Virginia I5288 Jones Tree 
35 Edmunds, John Flood  Abt 1823Virginia I59 Jones Tree 
36 Edmunds, John S.  Abt 1861Virginia I6199 Jones Tree 
37 Edmunds, Mary  Abt 1875Virginia I6203 Jones Tree 
38 Edmunds, Mattie  Abt 1860Virginia I6208 Jones Tree 
39 Edmunds, Mattie S.  Abt 26 May 1880Virginia I6193 Jones Tree 
40 Edmunds, Thomas C.  Abt 1855Virginia I6197 Jones Tree 
41 Edmunds, William H.  Abt 1856Virginia I6198 Jones Tree 
42 Ellis, Elizabeth  1773Virginia I1700 Jones Tree 
43 Ellis, John  1775Virginia I1701 Jones Tree 
44 Ellis, Joseph Sr.  Abt 1730Virginia I1698 Jones Tree 
45 Ellis, Joseph Jr.  12 Jan 1768Virginia I1703 Jones Tree 
46 Ellis, Stephen  27 Mar 1776Virginia I1702 Jones Tree 
47 Ellis, William  12 Mar 1771Virginia I1699 Jones Tree 
48 Feild, Emily Martha  Abt 1847Virginia I6224 Jones Tree 
49 Feild, Hume  Sep 1894Virginia I5291 Jones Tree 
50 Feild, John  Nov 1857Virginia I5289 Jones Tree 
51 Feild, John E.  Feb 1898Virginia I5292 Jones Tree 
52 Feild, Lucie O.  Jun 1893Virginia I5290 Jones Tree 
53 Feild, Mary  Apr 1900Virginia I5293 Jones Tree 
54 Feild, Mildred Bolling  Abt 1843Virginia I6223 Jones Tree 
55 Goodwin, Martha  Abt 1789Virginia I6210 Jones Tree 
56 Hargan, George  1796Virginia I3117 Jones Tree 
57 Hibbs, Rachel  1794Virginia I3118 Jones Tree 
58 Jones, Benjamin Crawley  Abt 1841Virginia I1383 Jones Tree 
59 Jones, Francis Green  Abt 1839Virginia I1382 Jones Tree 
60 Jones, George Washington  Abt 1835Virginia I1380 Jones Tree 
61 Jones, Harriet Feild  Abt 1843Virginia I1384 Jones Tree 
62 Jones, James Archibald  Abt 1851Virginia I1388 Jones Tree 
63 Jones, Lucy O.  Abt 1833Virginia I1379 Jones Tree 
64 Jones, Lucy R.  Abt 1859Virginia I6221 Jones Tree 
65 Jones, Roger Gregory Jr.  8 Oct 1881Virginia I1163 Jones Tree 
66 Jones, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1832Virginia I1378 Jones Tree 
67 Jones, Susan Alice  Abt 1848Virginia I1387 Jones Tree 
68 Jones, Thomas Thweatt  Abt 1837Virginia I1381 Jones Tree 
69 Jones, William Fitzgerald  Abt 1845Virginia I1385 Jones Tree 
70 Meadow, Susan  Virginia I9500 Jones Tree 
71 Powel, Edward  Abt 1832Virginia I6215 Jones Tree 
72 Powel, William  Abt 1809Virginia I6214 Jones Tree 
73 Reynolds, Rear Admiral Alfred  Virginia I5595 Jones Tree 
74 Rose, William  24 Sep 1799Virginia I4281 Jones Tree 
75 Scott, John C.  Abt 1809Virginia I7115 Jones Tree 
76 Stitt, William  Abt 1808Virginia I9697 Jones Tree 
77 Talbot, Mary Diana T.  28 Apr 1817Virginia I56 Jones Tree 
78 Trapp, Richard Thompson  21 Jan 1814Virginia I6111 Jones Tree 
79 Truxtun, Louise Norton  22 Sep 1911Virginia I5592 Jones Tree 
80 Vincent, Andrew Abram  6 Jun 1861Virginia I3712 Jones Tree 
81 W.?, Mary  Apr 1864Virginia I4642 Jones Tree 
82 Walke, Betty  31 Jan 1854Virginia I6234 Jones Tree 
83 Walke, Henry  28 Apr 1849Virginia I6238 Jones Tree 
84 Walke, Isaac Talbot  22 Feb 1843Virginia I6237 Jones Tree 
85 Walke, Mary Louisa  28 Mar 1856Virginia I6235 Jones Tree 
86 Walke, Richard  2 Aug 1812Virginia I55 Jones Tree 
87 Walke, Sally Willoughby  25 Nov 1851Virginia I6233 Jones Tree 
88 Walke, William Talbot  1838Virginia I6239 Jones Tree 
89 Weir, John  Abt 1845Virginia I7103 Jones Tree 
90 Weir, Walter E.  Abt 1847Virginia I7104 Jones Tree 
91 Weir, William H.  Abt 1840Virginia I7102 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jones, Claiborne Turner  1952Virginia I6361 Jones Tree 
2 Jones, Richard  Abt 1670Virginia I79 Jones Tree 
3 Yeardley, Sir George  1627Virginia I730 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walke, William Talbot  1850Virginia I6239 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Moseley, William  1649Virginia I880 Jones Tree 
2 Thorowgood, Adam Sr.  1621Virginia I729 Jones Tree 
3 Walke, Thomas  1662Virginia I764 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dexter, David Harry T.  5 May 1864Virginia I3939 Jones Tree 
2 Thurston, Epaminondas Pelopidas  6 May 1864Virginia I1938 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Miller, Peter  1785Virginia I5299 Jones Tree 

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