Tree: Jones Tree

Township : Latitude: 44.1191415, Longitude: -84.594726


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 (-----), Althea  10 Aug 1897Michigan I6035 Jones Tree 
2 (-----), Clara  Abt 1867Michigan I7422 Jones Tree 
3 (-----), Laura  Sep 1868Michigan I4866 Jones Tree 
4 (-----), Lucy  Nov 1843Michigan I7604 Jones Tree 
5 (-----), Olive  Oct 1845Michigan I6071 Jones Tree 
6 (-----), Susan  Abt 1857Michigan I7589 Jones Tree 
7 Armstrong, Grace J.  Abt 1837Michigan I8236 Jones Tree 
8 Armstrong, Julia  Abt 1836Michigan I8240 Jones Tree 
9 Arney, Daniel William  7 Jan 1908Michigan I1810 Jones Tree 
10 Arney, Ruth  1905Michigan I2151 Jones Tree 
11 Arney, William Hibbard  15 May 1877Michigan I371 Jones Tree 
12 Avery, Etta  Michigan I2909 Jones Tree 
13 Belote, Alma Theo  8 Dec 1886Michigan I2894 Jones Tree 
14 Belote, Arthur  6 Oct 1842Michigan I4540 Jones Tree 
15 Belote, Emmet K.  28 Mar 1839Michigan I4539 Jones Tree 
16 Belote, Milan L.  26 Sep 1862Michigan I2943 Jones Tree 
17 Belote, Wealthy Ann  14 Aug 1844Michigan I4541 Jones Tree 
18 Bennett, Alice  Abt 1867Michigan I2897 Jones Tree 
19 Bennett, Charles G.  Abt Mar 1850Michigan I9645 Jones Tree 
20 Bennett, John Wallace  Apr 1868Michigan I2898 Jones Tree 
21 Blanchard, Stella  Abt 1878Michigan I7953 Jones Tree 
22 Booth, Isabella A.  Feb 1853Michigan I8358 Jones Tree 
23 Bower, Lillie Belle  Feb 1887Michigan I2950 Jones Tree 
24 Bower, Mildred  Jan 1884Michigan I2785 Jones Tree 
25 Bower, Miles H.  Mar 1895Michigan I2951 Jones Tree 
26 Brandle, Alexander J.  May 1890Michigan I3229 Jones Tree 
27 Brink, Nancy  1847Michigan I7789 Jones Tree 
28 Brown, E.   I2955 Jones Tree 
29 Brown, Fannie  Abt 1874Michigan I9646 Jones Tree 
30 Brown, Ralph  Abt 1900Michigan I2953 Jones Tree 
31 Brown, W.   I2954 Jones Tree 
32 Bucknell, Earl F.  23 Feb 1905Michigan I2767 Jones Tree 
33 Bucknell, Gladys I.  16 May 1914Michigan I2770 Jones Tree 
34 Bucknell, Orlie F.  Abt 1877Michigan I2766 Jones Tree 
35 Chittick, Mary J.  13 Sep 1883Michigan I1834 Jones Tree 
36 Cleveland, George  Abt 1857Michigan I2907 Jones Tree 
37 Cleveland, Lulu  Abt 1890Michigan I2908 Jones Tree 
38 Cook, Anna  Abt 1860Michigan I8234 Jones Tree 
39 Cook, Minnie  Abt 1866Michigan I8235 Jones Tree 
40 Dean, Harriet E.  Abt 1839Michigan I4549 Jones Tree 
41 Dexter, Belle A.  Jun 1864Michigan I1414 Jones Tree 
42 Dexter, Danford  Abt 1828Michigan I3887 Jones Tree 
43 Dexter, Laura A.  4 Mar 1857Michigan I1412 Jones Tree 
44 Dexter, Susan A.  Nov 1858Michigan I1413 Jones Tree 
45 Emmons, Clyde  Abt 1878Michigan I2938 Jones Tree 
46 Engle, Caroline May  8 Nov 1878Michigan I3247 Jones Tree 
47 Engle, Clara C.  Mar 1867Michigan I2652 Jones Tree 
48 Engle, Emma J.  Mar 1877Michigan I3246 Jones Tree 
49 Engle, George  7 Jan 1839Michigan I2650 Jones Tree 
50 Engle, George Orla  13 Mar 1884Michigan I2653 Jones Tree 
51 Engle, Russell George  19 Sep 1919Michigan I3249 Jones Tree 
52 Green, Lura A.  Abt 1908Michigan I3790 Jones Tree 
53 Green, Ross  Abt 1882Michigan I3789 Jones Tree 
54 Hamilton, Owen  Abt 1889Michigan I2759 Jones Tree 
55 Hamilton, Phillip C.  2 Dec 1913Michigan I2761 Jones Tree 
56 Hamilton, Phyllis A.  Abt Feb 1917Michigan I2760 Jones Tree 
57 Henderson, Ada M.  Abt 1873Michigan I8384 Jones Tree 
58 Himebaugh, Adelbert Cullen Jr.  15 Jun 1899Michigan I2775 Jones Tree 
59 Himebaugh, Fanchon J.  18 Nov 1922Michigan I2777 Jones Tree 
60 Holberton, Jessie  Abt 1912Michigan I7679 Jones Tree 
61 Holberton, John L.  25 Aug 1903Michigan I7676 Jones Tree 
62 Holberton, Mary A.  18 Dec 1904Michigan I7677 Jones Tree 
63 Holberton, Miles Thomas  8 Sep 1873Michigan I7673 Jones Tree 
64 Holberton, Ruth M.  Abt May 1928Michigan I7747 Jones Tree 
65 Holbrook, Eva  14 Jul 1840Michigan I2773 Jones Tree 
66 J.?, Mary  Sep 1864Michigan I4872 Jones Tree 
67 Kier, Virginia A.  Abt 1917Michigan I3996 Jones Tree 
68 Kline, Laura  Feb 1887Michigan I4869 Jones Tree 
69 Kline, Perry  Feb 1887Michigan I4870 Jones Tree 
70 Kline, William  Aug 1865Michigan I4849 Jones Tree 
71 L.?, Addalaid  Aug 1845Michigan I6343 Jones Tree 
72 L.?, Dessie  7 Dec 1907Michigan I3788 Jones Tree 
73 Lauder, Nellie  Sep 1885Michigan I2765 Jones Tree 
74 Little, Darrel  20 Dec 1905Michigan I3787 Jones Tree 
75 Little, Marlin  Abt 1904Michigan I3786 Jones Tree 
76 M.?, Anna  Abt 1876Michigan I2889 Jones Tree 
77 Mathewson, Alcibiates  1849Michigan I9532 Jones Tree 
78 Mathewson, Ann Elizabeth  3 Jan 1851Michigan I1960 Jones Tree 
79 McManus, S.   I2788 Jones Tree 
80 Miller, Fred H.  Abt 1866Michigan I2910 Jones Tree 
81 Parker, Mary Jane  Abt 1849Michigan I2160 Jones Tree 
82 Parker, Nancy A.  Abt 1843Michigan I8266 Jones Tree 
83 Pepper, James  Abt 1845Michigan I4706 Jones Tree 
84 Phillips, William E.  Abt 1855Michigan I7600 Jones Tree 
85 Plant, Harrison Dale  1 Mar 1923Michigan I7630 Jones Tree 
86 Plant, Ira W.  Apr 1845Michigan I6032 Jones Tree 
87 Plant, Norman  1 Jun 1921Michigan I7629 Jones Tree 
88 Plant, Robert Lee  Abt Sep 1919Michigan I7628 Jones Tree 
89 Plant, Wayne Thurston  3 Oct 1918Michigan I7627 Jones Tree 
90 Pond, Emily L.  Abt 1851Michigan I5567 Jones Tree 
91 Powers, Betsey Ann  19 Jul 1869Michigan I3720 Jones Tree 
92 Powers, Charles  Michigan I3724 Jones Tree 
93 Price, Morris William  Abt 1844Michigan I2209 Jones Tree 
94 Richter, Anna B.  13 Apr 1898Michigan I2776 Jones Tree 
95 Russell, Andrew Lee  9 Jul 1906Michigan I2945 Jones Tree 
96 Russell, Milan Keith  19 May 1918Michigan I2942 Jones Tree 
97 Russell, Morell Belote  11 Apr 1914Michigan I2941 Jones Tree 
98 Sharp, J.M.   I7425 Jones Tree 
99 Sharp, Laura Jean  17 Mar 1922Michigan I7424 Jones Tree 
100 Showerman, Lottie M.  1864Michigan I9660 Jones Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Himebaugh, Coin  25 Dec 1922Michigan I2772 Jones Tree 
2 Knowles, Miles Henry William Blakeley  16 Aug 1990Michigan I3572 Jones Tree 
3 Russell, Joseph  1896Michigan I2292 Jones Tree 
4 Weiss, William Erhard  1942Michigan I1409 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Close, Cloyd  1896Michigan I365 Jones Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benfer, John Yohn  1865Michigan I405 Jones Tree 
2 Himebaugh, Coin  Abt 1836Michigan I2772 Jones Tree 
3 Murphy, Marian  Dec 1860Michigan I7019 Jones Tree 
4 Murphy, Marian  1868Michigan I7019 Jones Tree 
5 Wallace, Edna L.  1868Michigan I7124 Jones Tree 
6 Wallace, Edward P.  Dec 1860Michigan I7010 Jones Tree 
7 Wallace, Edward P.  1868Michigan I7010 Jones Tree 
8 Wallace, Nora M.  1868Michigan I7123 Jones Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arney / Stull   F896 Jones Tree 
2 Wallace / Murphy  Abt 1859Michigan F2582 Jones Tree 
3 Wallace / Thurston  Abt Oct 1828Michigan F1765 Jones Tree 

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