Tree: Jones Tree

State/Province : Latitude: 39.76618, Longitude: -86.44105


Matches 1 to 62 of 62

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (-----), Debbie  Abt 1853Indiana I5612
2 (-----), Elizabeth  Abt 1815Indiana I1474
3 (-----), Eugenia  Abt 1900Indiana I4510
4 Bowman, (-----)  Indiana I4718
5 Decker, Julia  Abt 1842Indiana I8231
6 Decker, Mary  Abt 1838Indiana I8230
7 Decker, William D.  Abt 1848Indiana I8233
8 Decker, Zeperiah or Zephenia  Abt 1846Indiana I8232
9 Dexter, Austin  Abt 1845Indiana I3889
10 Dexter, David  Abt 1842Indiana I3888
11 Dexter, George W. S.  Abt Jun 1850Indiana I3890
12 Faught, Pyrrhus Edgar  14 May 1867Indiana I2433
13 Hahn, Joseph  Mar 1868Indiana I1177
14 Hargan, Annie  Indiana I3161
15 Hargan, Clementine  Mar 1849/50Indiana I3156
16 Hargan, Daniel  Jun 1851Indiana I3158
17 Hargan, Elizabeth  1846Indiana I3154
18 Hargan, Mary Josephine  1842Indiana I3151
19 Hargan, Rachel  Abt 1848Indiana I3155
20 Kuhns, Rosalind  8 Jul 1916Indiana I4376
21 Latin, Clinton  Abt 1843Indiana I3942
22 Latin, Harriet  Abt 1849Indiana I3944
23 Latin, Lewis  Abt 1845Indiana I3943
24 Latin, Shepherd  Abt 1815Indiana I3941
25 Martin, Lorena  12 Mar 1904Indiana I4947
26 McCaslin, John C.  Abt 1838Indiana I3177
27 McManus, Clark  1 May 1923Indiana I2787
28 McManus, Karl  3 Oct 1891Indiana I2233
29 Miller, Fannie M.  8 Oct 1897Indiana I7617
30 Pierce, William  Abt 1837Indiana I3164
31 Prichard, Albert  Abt 1857Indiana I1524
32 Prichard, Benton  Abt 1856Indiana I1528
33 Prichard, Curtis A.  Abt Feb 1860Indiana I3707
34 Prichard, Robert F.  Abt 1838Indiana I2350
35 Prichard, Samuel O.  Abt 1858Indiana I3706
36 Prichard, Sarah T.  16 Feb 1830Indiana I2343
37 Pritchard, Asa  Abt 1854Indiana I1523
38 Richardson, A. Josie  Abt 1879Indiana I8322
39 Richardson, Elisa J.  Abt 1869Indiana I6667
40 Richardson, Lucy  Abt 1872Indiana I8321
41 Richardson, Mary B. or E.  Abt 1861Indiana I6666
42 Richardson, Vawter Blair  Abt 1867Indiana I1585
43 Scheerer, Herman R.  3 Dec 1890Indiana I419
44 Sell, Lillian M.  Nov 1867Indiana I7409
45 Sellers, Elizabeth  Abt 1839Indiana I3174
46 Sellers, John W.  7 Aug 1863Indiana I1498
47 Sellers, Nancy E.  23 Aug 1866Indiana I1499
48 Sellers, Robert W.  4 Jul 1871Indiana I1496
49 Sellers, Sarah Ann  Abt 1842Indiana I3175
50 Sellers, Sarah F.  26 Dec 1868Indiana I1500
51 Sellers, Thomas Nelson  12 Jan 1875Indiana I1497
52 Spears, Mary  5 Mar 1829Indiana I3692
53 Spears, Sophia  4 Oct 1830Indiana I1495
54 Wills, Leota Helena  16 Jan 1891Indiana I417
55 Wills, Wildon H.  Abt 1893Indiana I418
56 Wright, Caroline P.  Abt 1858Indiana I5608
57 Wright, Frederick L.  Abt 1843Indiana I5607
58 Wright, Harriet  Abt Dec 1849Indiana I5609
59 Wright, Joseph  Abt 1879Indiana I5613
60 Wright, Joseph P.  Abt 1846Indiana I5604
61 Wright, Mary  Abt 1853Indiana I5605
62 Wright, Samuel Frank  Abt 1862Indiana I5611


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Aigler, Elizabeth E.  1868Indiana I404
2 Barnes, William Edward  Abt 1872Indiana I1584
3 Benfer, John Yohn  1868Indiana I405
4 Green, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1872Indiana I1567

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