Bampton, Oxfordshire, England


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City/Town : Latitude: 51.72632, Longitude: -1.545809


Bampton, Oxfordshire, England
Bampton, Oxfordshire, England
Joseph Townsend (1840-1878) and his wife Ellen Green (1844-1886) were born, baptized and married here. Their ancestors since at least 1780 lived in this town.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (-----), Elizabeth  Abt 1837Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I3691
2 (-----), Jane  Abt 1777Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1778
3 Beckinsale, Thomas  Abt 1709Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6693
4 Clark, Anne Ella  Abt 1876Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4817
5 Clark, Annie  Abt Feb 1863Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6293
6 Clark, Charles  Abt Feb 1872Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6298
7 Clark, Edward  Abt 1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4809
8 Clark, Edwin  Abt Nov 1866Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6295
9 Clark, Eliza Ann  Abt 1866Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4813
10 Clark, Ellen Maria  Abt Feb 1857Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6284
11 Clark, Fanny  Abt 1880Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4818
12 Clark, Frederick  Abt Nov 1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6286
13 Clark, George  26 Dec 1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4810
14 Clark, Hannah  Abt Jan 1874Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4816
15 Clark, Henry  Abt Feb 1864Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4811
16 Clark, James  Abt Feb 1864Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4812
17 Clark, Jane  Abt Aug 1855Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6283
18 Clark, Jane  Abt May 1870Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6297
19 Clark, Jesse  Abt 1868Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4814
20 Clark, Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1852Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6282
21 Clark, Richard  Abt Feb 1868Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6296
22 Clark, Susannah  Abt Nov 1858Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6285
23 Clark, William  Abt Aug 1864Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6294
24 Green, Ann Elizabeth  23 Nov 1849Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1567
25 Green, Charles  Abt Feb 1826Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6278
26 Green, David  Abt Jan 1831Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6275
27 Green, Edith A.  Abt 1870Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6300
28 Green, Edward  Abt Mar 1804Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I474
29 Green, Edward John  Abt 1879Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6304
30 Green, Eleanor  19 Dec 1843Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I438
31 Green, Eliza Matilda  Abt Nov 1840Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1554
32 Green, Elizabeth  Abt Apr 1833Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6274
33 Green, Emma Miranda  Abt Feb 1836Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
34 Green, Fannie Amelia  Abt Aug 1830Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1551
35 Green, George  Abt Oct 1801Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1541
36 Green, Hannah  Abt Jul 1800Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1570
37 Green, Hannah M.  Abt 1875Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6302
38 Green, Hannah Maria  Abt Aug 1832Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1566
39 Green, Henry  Abt Oct 1810Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1545
40 Green, Henry  Abt Mar 1838Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6271
41 Green, Henry Sam  Abt 1873Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6301
42 Green, Isaac  Abt Jul 1812Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1539
43 Green, James  Abt Nov 1817Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6269
44 Green, James  Abt 1840Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6259
45 Green, James  Abt 1866Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6299
46 Green, James Charles  Abt May 1839Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
47 Green, John  Abt Dec 1813Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6262
48 Green, John  Abt Aug 1828Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6277
49 Green, John Edward  Abt 1828Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1553
50 Green, Jonas  Abt 1836Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6258
51 Green, Joseph  Abt Mar 1835Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6276
52 Green, Mary  Abt Apr 1805Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1544
53 Green, Mary  Abt Jan 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6272
54 Green, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1829Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1550
55 Green, Peggy  Abt Nov 1815Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6268
56 Green, Phebe  Abt 1842Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6260
57 Green, Rhoda  Abt 1876Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6303
58 Green, Robert  Abt Apr 1844Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6273
59 Green, Sarah Jane  Abt Sep 1834Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1549
60 Green, Stephen  Abt Jan 1803Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1543
61 Green, Stephen James  Abt May 1819Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6270
62 Green, Thomas  Abt Jul 1806Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1542
63 Green, William  Abt Aug 1807Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6256
64 Hewlett, Elizabeth  Abt Sep 1815Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1578
65 Hewlett, Jane  Abt May 1820Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6672
66 Hewlett, Mary Ann  Abt May 1813Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I471
67 Hewlett, Sarah  Abt Aug 1810Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1579
68 Lord, Mary  Abt 1744Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6692
69 Sheppard, Harriet  Abt 1802Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6246
70 Townsend, Bernard  Abt 1832Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1572
71 Townsend, Henry James  26 Apr 1870Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1421
72 Townsend, James  Abt 1854Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1536
73 Townsend, Joseph  21 Aug 1840Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I437
74 Townsend, Mary  Abt Aug 1802Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1582
75 Townsend, Sarah  Abt Jul 1810Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Beckensall, Edward  11 Feb 1740/41Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6691
2 Beckinsale, Ann  13 Jan 1805Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1780
3 Beckinsale, David  23 Jul 1815Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1784
4 Beckinsale, Dinah  8 Jul 1801Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1779
5 Beckinsale, George  19 May 1809Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1781
6 Beckinsale, Jane  20 Aug 1817Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1785
7 Beckinsale, John  5 Dec 1773Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1777
8 Beckinsale, John  6 Mar 1812Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1782
9 Beckinsale, Robert  5 May 1813Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1783
10 Clark, Edward  8 Apr 1860Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4809
11 Clark, Eliza Ann  7 Oct 1866Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4813
12 Clark, George  23 Mar 1862Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4810
13 Clark, Henry  15 May 1864Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4811
14 Clark, James  14 Mar 1864Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4812
15 Green, Ann  19 Mar 1843Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6266
16 Green, Charles  10 Feb 1826Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6278
17 Green, David  14 Jan 1831Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6275
18 Green, Elizabeth  19 Apr 1833Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6274
19 Green, Henry  21 Mar 1838Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6271
20 Green, Isaac  10 Nov 1845Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6267
21 Green, James  5 Nov 1817Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6269
22 Green, James  23 May 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6265
23 Green, John  27 Aug 1828Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6277
24 Green, Joseph  13 Mar 1835Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6276
25 Green, Mary  27 Oct 1839Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6264
26 Green, Mary  17 Jan 1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6272
27 Green, Peggy  15 Nov 1815Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6268
28 Green, Robert  21 Apr 1844Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6273
29 Green, Stephen James  9 May 1819Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6270
30 Green, William  26 Aug 1807Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6256
31 Hewlett, Jane  21 May 1820Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6672
32 Hewlett, Mary Ann  9 May 1813Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I471
33 Pettifer, Sarah  1 May 1777Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1538


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beckinsale, Hannah  11 Oct 1877Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I475
2 Dancer, Sarah  15 Jan 1844Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1577
3 Green, Edward  7 Feb 1850Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I474
4 Hewlett, Thomas  1 Aug 1846Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1576
5 Townsend, George Philip  Abt 1 May 1868Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1571
6 Townsend, Philip  26 Nov 1838Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1573
7 Townsend, Sarah Jane  Abt 13 Jun 1852Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1546
8 Townsend, Thomas  9 Jun 1865Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I470


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hewlett, Mary Ann  13 May 1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I471
2 Townsend, George Philip  3 May 1868Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1571
3 Townsend, Philip  26 Nov 1838Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1573
4 Townsend, Sarah Jane  15 Jun 1852Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 (-----), Elizabeth  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I2318
2 (-----), Mary  1910Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6321
3 Beckinsale, Hannah  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I475
4 Beckinsale, Hannah  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I475
5 Beckinsale, Hannah  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I475
6 Clark, Anne Ella  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4817
7 Clark, Anne Ella  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4817
8 Clark, Annie  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6293
9 Clark, Charles  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6298
10 Clark, Charles  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6298
11 Clark, Edward  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4809
12 Clark, Edward  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4809
13 Clark, Edward  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4809
14 Clark, Edwin  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6295
15 Clark, Edwin  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6295
16 Clark, Eliza Ann  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4813
17 Clark, Ellen Maria  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6284
18 Clark, Fanny  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4818
19 Clark, Fanny  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4818
20 Clark, Frederick  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6286
21 Clark, Frederick  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6286
22 Clark, Hannah  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4816
23 Clark, Hannah  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4816
24 Clark, Hannah  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4816
25 Clark, Henry  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
26 Clark, Henry  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
27 Clark, Henry  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
28 Clark, Henry  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4811
29 Clark, Henry  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
30 Clark, Henry  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
31 Clark, Henry  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
32 Clark, Henry  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
33 Clark, James  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4812
34 Clark, James  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4812
35 Clark, Jane  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6283
36 Clark, Jane  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6297
37 Clark, Jane  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6297
38 Clark, Jane  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6297
39 Clark, Jane  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6297
40 Clark, Jesse  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4814
41 Clark, Jesse  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4814
42 Clark, Jesse  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4814
43 Clark, Jesse  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4814
44 Clark, Mary Ann  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6282
45 Clark, Mary Ann  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6282
46 Clark, Richard  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6296
47 Clark, Richard  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6296
48 Clark, Richard  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6296
49 Clark, Susannah  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6285
50 Clark, Susannah  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6285
51 Clark, Susannah  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6285
52 Clark, William  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6294
53 Clark, William  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6294
54 Clarke, John  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
55 Clarke, John  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
56 Clarke, John  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
57 Clarke, John  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
58 Clarke, John  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
59 Clarke, John  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
60 Clarke, John  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6225
61 Collins, Margaret Annie  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4815
62 Green, Ann  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6266
63 Green, David Isaac  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1569
64 Green, Edward  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I474
65 Green, Eleanor  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I438
66 Green, Eliza Matilda  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1554
67 Green, Emma Miranda  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
68 Green, Emma Miranda  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
69 Green, Emma Miranda  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
70 Green, Emma Miranda  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
71 Green, Emma Miranda  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
72 Green, Emma Miranda  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
73 Green, Fannie Amelia  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1551
74 Green, Fannie Amelia  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1551
75 Green, Fannie Amelia  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1551
76 Green, George  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1541
77 Green, Hannah Maria  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1566
78 Green, Henry  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6271
79 Green, Henry  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1545
80 Green, Henry  1861Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1545
81 Green, Isaac  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6267
82 Green, James  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6265
83 Green, James Charles  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
84 Green, James Charles  1871Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
85 Green, James Charles  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
86 Green, James Charles  1891Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
87 Green, James Charles  1901Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1552
88 Green, John  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1537
89 Green, John  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6262
90 Green, John Edward  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1553
91 Green, Mary  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6272
92 Green, Mary  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6264
93 Green, Mary Ann  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1550
94 Green, Robert  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6273
95 Green, Sarah Jane  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1549
96 Hurcomb, Jane  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6263
97 Pettifer, Sarah  1841Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1538
98 Pettifer, Sarah  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1538
99 Puffett, Elizabeth Abigail  1881Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4819
100 Sheppard, Harriet  1851Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6246

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Clark, Henry  1859Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I4806
2 Green, Eleanor  1867Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I438
3 Green, Emma Miranda  1859Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I1548
4 Kearse, Richard  13 Nov 1858Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I6280
5 Townsend, Joseph  1867Bampton, Oxfordshire, England I437


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   19 May 1823Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2307
2 Beckensall / Lord  5 Apr 1766Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2445
3 Green / Bateman  20 Oct 1831Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2303
4 Green / Beechey  5 Aug 1833Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2304
5 Green / Carter  17 Jun 1834Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2305
6 Green / Sheppard  19 May 1823Bampton, Oxfordshire, England F2302

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